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6 Easy Ways To Eliminate Rotten Egg Smell in Water. – RottenEggSmell

6 Easy Ways To Eliminate Rotten Egg Smell in Water.

Do you notice rotten egg smell in water? Always it happens, when you are not in the home went somewhere for a long time and when you come back home, sits on the couch and take a glass of water.

As you drink, you notice something nasty smell like a rotten egg in taste which spoils your whole mood.

Or when you turn your kitchen’s tap water, smells like eggs. Reasons could be many and all are the same problems, hydrogen sulfide smell.

The bad odor that you smell is a mixture of hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur gas. In fact, in drinking water, there are over 316 chemicals found in US countries.

If you are still worried about this rotten egg gas smell and thinking, how to get rid of hydrogen sulfide in water? don’t worry I will help you.

Today I will share what causes rotten egg smell in water and how can you get rid out of it.

How to Confirm Awful Smell Coming From Water?

Before getting to know how to fix the smell from water. You need to find the actual source of the smell. Maybe the culprit is the bathroom or kitchen sink or maybe hot or cold water.

So before coming to conclusion, you need to test your water to find the culprit.

Take two glasses of water, one from the bathroom and the other from the kitchen, take both glasses of water out from the smelling area.

Now, smell both water. if both glasses are smelling, it means culprit is water.

Or only the bathroom’s water is odoring, it means something horrible with the bathroom’s water. You can follow this to know how to fix the rotten egg smell in the bathroom.

It’s time to smell hot heater water. Now smell it, outside from smelling area. If both glasses are smelling, it means.

It confirms the issue is with your water heater anode rod or you can read ahead to know other sources.

What Causes Rotten Egg Smell in Water?

When you visited other forums and websites, all have same explanations that bad smell are due to traces of hydrogen sulfide which is true in some case but are not limited to it.

We will explore all ways that are causing this irritating smell from water and find out how can you sniff it from water.

If your sweet home smell like rotten eggs then, you can go through this link. There you will know how to fix rotten egg smell in home.

Hot Water Heater: If the bad gas smell coming from hot water and the water heater’s tank too, then the problem is with the water heater anode rod.

Bacteria in Water: If you feel an unpleasant unbearable smell in cold water, then this could be an increase in the sulfur bacteria, hydrogen sulfide, and its compounds in water.

Mold and Algae inside Pipelines: Water supply pipe could be the big reason behind it. As you know, two types of water pipes are available in the market.

One is a metal pipe and the other is a PVC pipe. Both pipes have the same problem of algae.

When you install a pipeline in your home after a few months, water has a rotten egg smell due to green algae grown inside water.

Excess Minerals in Water: The high concentration of water minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, etc are also responsible for the bad taste of water.

The quality of drinking water also changed, and you feel heavy while drinking which indicates excess minerals in the water.

Hydrogen Sulfide: In major cases, this is responsible for spoiled egg’s odor.

The sulfur bacteria inside the water tank or any water source, produce hydrogen sulfide (h2s gas). Which further dissolves in the source and gives rotten egg smell.

Problem with Ground Water: Often it happens, well water smells like sewage because over time sulfur bacteria and other microbes grow.

And if a high amount of minerals are present in that ground makes water hard.

Ground’s minerals dissolves in well water and overall all make it difficult to drink.

How to Get Rid of Rotten Egg Smell in Water?

If you are in this section, it means you have known the root of the bad odor. Now, you want to improve water quality.

I notice many complaints they smell rotten egg smell in car. You can remove these odors very easily.

Fix Hot Water Heater: If you think only cold water smells like rotten eggs, you are wrong. In fact, hot water too gives a bad odor.

If it is confirmed, an unbearable smell is coming from it. First of all, replace the heater’s magnesium anode rod with a titanium anode rod.

This titanium anode rode prevents itself from corrosion. Because other metal anode rods get corrode easily and help other sulfur bacteria and other microbes to grow inside the tank and hence the final result is water smells like rotten eggs.

This disinfect water heater will control other bacteria and microbes to grow inside it.

Kill Bacteria in Water: When you drink water if it feels heavy and unpleasant then, this could be the sign of increasing sulfur bacteria, hydrogen sulfide, and its compounds in water.

So to control all these and make your water drinkable use “Chlorine Bleach” in the source water.

This will kills all bacteria and sniff hydrogen sulfide by reacting with hydrogen sulfide and remove all odor from it.

Note: After using Chlorine Power in the water source, water taste and smell will be changed for few days due to the influence of the chlorine powder or bleaching powder.

After few days, everything will be fine and it’s back to the normal taste. It is completely safe and hygienic and didn’t harm any health disorder.

In my opinion, everyone should use bleaching powder in source water at least once a year. This will improve the quality of water.

Remove Mold and Algae inside Pipelines: When you turn on the tap and notice some little algae comes out along with water.

This means that a lot of algae have accumulated inside the pipe, which is not good for our health, and sometimes, it smells like rotten eggs.

So, to clean inside the pipelines, call the plumber. They will help you to clean pipelines or replace them with new ones.

Excess Minerals in Water: High concentration of minerals in supply water also invites diseases.

Minerals are very important for our body but in excess amount can result in some deadly diseases.

So in this case, to maintain the concentration of minerals in the water, use a water purifier. This will reduce toxic minerals from drinking water and make your water healthy.

Hydrogen Sulfide: High amount of Hydrogen Sulfide in drinking water also causes bad odor smell.

So, in this case, use water disinfect like bleaching powder in the source water to remove odor. This will improve water quality and taste.

Problem with Ground Water: If the problems groundwater, then reasons could be green algae, excess minerals, bacteria, and other microbes which can’t be seen through naked eyes but they leave an impression in the form of bad smell.

So to remove all these and make well or groundwater drinkable, use Chlorine Bleach. This will definitely improve the quality of water and remove odor.

Can sulfur water make you sick?

Your answer depends upon, the amount of sulfur you are consuming.

If the amount of sulfur is not too high then, it can be ignored. But when its concentration is too high then, it can cause serious health disorders like stomach pain and nausea.

A concentration level of 0.5 ppm or below is safe for a drink.

While a level between 0.5 ppm to 1 ppm or more causes bad smells like rotten and corrode metal pipelines and also grows green algae inside it.


As I told you, over 316 chemicals found in US country that a huge number, so due to minerals dissolving in groundwater can cause rotten egg smell in water, and it’s common in the US as a country.

So from the above guide, you can sniff these bad odors and all guides are tested and genuine.

If you really found this article helpful, do share it with your friends and neighbors may be their water supply is also creating the same issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Can you drink water that smells like rotten eggs?

The water smells like rotten. It means its sulfur concentration is too high which is not good for health. In short, I will not drink that water. First of all, I will purify and then boil it. After doing all this, water can be drinkable and anyone can drink it.

Is it safe to drink well water that smells like sulfur?

Actually, well water is a good source of groundwater and it didn’t get polluted easily. If it is smelling like sulfur, it means its concentration level is more than 1ppm in water. Which is not good for health and causes health disorders. So don’t drink that water.

Is rotten egg smell dangerous?

This smell is also known as Hydrogen Sulfide or H2S gas. H2S gas is harmful when its concentration is high in the air.

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