The sunspot AR3038, increased its sizes doubled 24 hours between Sunday and Monday night.

Nasa confirms that its size increased doubled and turned face to the earth.

What is Sunspot?  It is regions of the sun that are relatively darker and cooler than other area on sun.

Colossal Sunspot AR3038 has very dangerous unstoppable “beta gamma magnetic fields”, that harbors energy for m-class solar flare.

It’s a dark energy of sun which contains waves radiation that are harmful for us.

Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) continuously monitoring the sunspot, but as far not issued any warning.

These solar flare gives off intense bursts of EMR.

If it comes into contact with earth, it have enough potential to causes chaos.

Till now, it is second strongest solar flare has rank A,B,C,M,X.

If it comes contact with earth magnetic sphare, solar flare causes some disruption, but not causes any physical harm.

So if you are worrying about it. Be relax.