Shower Drain Smells Like Rotten Eggs: How To Fix It? (Secret).

I know today your mood is upset because your bathroom shower drain smells like rotten eggs. I can understand your feelings and pain because this happened with me too.

I don’t want to remember those days. But I want to help you because sharing is caring.

Does your bathroom sink smells like rotten eggs when water runs? Or does your shower drain smells like sewage?

Well don’t worry, here I will share all questions related to your bad odoring bathroom and make your bathroom a better place to live.

So from below you will get a little bit of idea about what I will cover in this blog or you can simply jump from the table of content.

  • Why does my shower drain smells like rotten eggs?
  • Why does my shower drain smell like sewage?
  • Why my bathroom sink water smells like rotten eggs?
  • Why my bathroom smells like sewer after shower?
  • Why sewer smell in bathroom at night and how to overcome it?
  • How to get rid of egg smell in bathroom?

What causes a shower drain to smell like rotten eggs?

The rotten egg smell in shower drain is due to bio firm and microbes that present inside pipelines.

You can’t say surely Yaa, this one is culprit but, because some other technical reasons behind it.

We will explore in this section what are all possible ways and why are bath drain smells like rotten eggs and bathroomsink too?

Rotten egg smell is the mixture of multiple compounds’ such as hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur gases. These gaseous are release from a micro-organism that has grown inside the drain and you can’t see them without any instrument.

As I already told you, these are the culprit for the bad smell in the drain but you have to find the source and their origin and then learn, how to sniff it.

Relax you shall not do it yourself, I will help you to find the source and guide to how you can sniff it from your bathroom.

So lets see what are the possible ways from these smells escaping.

  1. Some mold has grown inside the pipeline.
  2. Damage “P-trap pipe”.
  3. Maybe some clog and debris inside the drain.
  4. Swear gaseous are escaping from the drain.
  5. Water itself could be the culprit. If you don’t know how do water smells like rotten follow the link rotten egg smell in the water.

Some mold has grown inside the pipeline: when you entered your bathroom, you probably might be thinking why does my shower drain smells musty? Your bathroom smells unpleasant due to a lack of fresh air.

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What to do if drain smells like rotten eggs?

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