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5+ Easy Ways to Get Rid of Rotten Egg Smell in House. – RottenEggSmell

5+ Easy Ways to Get Rid of Rotten Egg Smell in House.

When you enter your house and notice a rotten egg smell in house? Surprised, you become the detective and start searching from where these bad smells, the sulfur smell in house coming from.

Actually, rotten egg bad smell resembles like sulfur gas and some other natural gas.

Still confused,

A few months ago, I went to my grandparent’s house for a week. And as I entered my home, I immediately cover my nose and wore a mask.

Want to know why?

I notice some chemical smell in house that bad odor, Uffh!

When I remember that odor, my brain goosebumps.

That was a lot of messy bad odor smell like someone puts thousands of rotten eggs in my house, this egg smells musty, like rotting leaves.

I told to myself, let’s get to work and find from where these smells are coming from?

And you know what happened? I found it.

So, if your sweet home also smelling like this too.

Don’t worry I will help you to find it.

Why and how your home is stinking and how to fix it as soon as possible?

So, let’s begin.

What Causes A Rotten Egg Smell In House?

If your home is smelling like rotten eggs there might be these 5 possible reasons and I can say because I had my own personal experiences.

Rotten Eggs: Remember couple of days before, did you bought eggs. If yes, then go and check it out.

Might be it scape from your memory. Because when you dedicatedly focus on some work, some things are not in focus.

Gas Leakage: If this, then this is a very serious problem which you have to figure out immediately as soon as possible. Because gas smells like sulfur, some rotten eggs.

Actually, all-natural gases are odorless but, companies add some recognizable odor gases, which have Hydrogen sulfide, which is colorless, odorless, and flammable.

Because when the gas pipeline has some leakage you can recognize it and figure it asap.

Dead Murid or Reptile Smells: If your home sewering and stinking, this might be a possible reason.

Might be some infected murids or reptiles entered your home, and you are not aware of it.

And after few days that died and starts decomposing.

This might be a serious issue because that dead animal is infected and causes some viral infection.

So take some possible action and call sweeper soon.

Sewage Smell: Is rotten egg smell in bathroom too?

If you have doubt just follow your nose, and if the actual culprit is your bathroom then, the bad odor probably stronger there.

Bathroom smelling like a sulfur smell. Actually, this is happening because of your bathroom pipeline.

Want to know how to fix rotten egg smell in water.

Might be plumber install normal pipeline instead of U-Shape pipeline for cost-cutting in your bathroom because for water supply in the bathroom generally plumber install U-shaped pipeline.

U-Shaped pipeline contains water which blocks the methane gas which smells like rotten eggs and hence pipelines sewer gas starts seeping.

For a temporary solution just turn on the tap for few minutes. This will release blocked gases inside the pipeline, which is dried for a long time.

Which is causing the smell will release.

But this is a temporary solution, this will happen again next time. Because of problems in your bathroom pipeline.

So just call the plumber and tell him to install a U-Shaped pipe in the bathing tub, toilet panel, and normal water pipeline.

Additional tips: Rotten egg smell in house comes and goes in basements too, then you should say plumber to check basements pipeline too.

In fact, you should say plumber to check all pipelines. This will secure you from further sulfur odor.

Dirty Socks: If you have too many socks, just them all and count all are available you have. Because dirty socks smell like stink damp. Uffh! I can’t imagine.

If you think the vomiting is going to happen then, I’m damn sure it’s your dirty socks, which you put somewhere and skipped it from your mind.

Just find it, If all socks are there still you find once. It may be not yours but it someone else. So find it out.

Short circuit: Electric wires are covered by insulating materials like rubber and plastic and, when it burns it smells because it releases lots of harmful gases like sulfur, hydrogen, etc.

Wires usually get hot and their cover starts melting, and this causes a short circuit or about to happen. When you are using heavy appliances.

Actually, every wire and switch comes with a specific Ampere (amp). Which determines how much load can specific wire can handle without any cause.

So, if you are using heavy appliances and you are not aware of it. So, call your electric man tell him to check all boards, cables, and appliances.

Electric wire heating smells are very harmful because it releases lots of toxic gaseous.

So cover your nose and keep your children outside your house while the electric man fixing the current.

Is Rotten Egg Smell In House Dangerous?

Of course, yes, don’t take it too lightly.

In fact, rotten egg smell contains toxic gases like, Hydrogen sulfide and sulfur, which is flammable in nature and smells like rotten eggs at low concentration air level and has a bad effect on our body.

So before doing any further steps wear a mask or cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief.

These simple steps protect you and your family from some viral infection.

What Do You Do If You Smell Rotten Eggs?

As I already told you in the above paragraph, if you haven’t read it yet, read it first where I cover some very important steps.


Safety first: When you detect any bad odor or rotten egg smell in your home, wear a mask first, and after that open all doors and windows of your house. So that fresh air can enter.

Immediately, run to the kitchen and check gas knob is turned off or not because the gas pipeline contains natural gas which is odorless and flammable in nature.

Companies add recognizable gases to detect any leakage.

If your gas pipeline is ok then it’s fine you can do your further investigation as I instructed in para 1

How To Get Rid Of Rotten Egg Smell In House?

First of all, wear a mask and open all doors and windows so that cross ventilation can start and find from where that smell is coming from.

If you are reading this section of the article this means, you found the smell from where it is coming from.

Gas Pipeline: If the bad sulfur smell is coming from the kitchen check your gas pipeline and turn off the gas’s mains valve and call a gas pipeline expert immediately.

Rotten Eggs: Check fridge and drawers might be you kept caret of eggs and it skipped from the mind. And call cleaner to sweep your room.

Use phenyl to for better result. It also kills bacteria and another harmful micro-organism.

Bathroom: If swear gas smell like stink damp which also resembles like rotten egg is coming from bathroom, just turn on the all tap so that the dried pipe which contains gas could release.

If this didn’t work, call the plumber and tell him to install U-Shaped Pipeline if it didn’t install already.

Dead murid: If this found then, call sweeper and wash your all rooms, balcony, bathroom, kitchen, and hall with phenyl or other bacterial disinfectants.

Because safety comes first.

This will prevent you from viral infection.

Dirty shocks: If your or your loved once’s socks are smelling, go and wash it.

I think this is much simple and your face charming and telling yourself I’m creating hype for this HAHAHAHAHA.


If you notice any type of smell in your home, don’t take it too easy. Wear mask immediately.

I shared my own personal experience that really help me a lot to find bad egg smell which is still disturbing for me.

Follow as it is and this will definitely help you too.

Or if you have any questions to me just follow my contact us page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does sulfur smell like?

Sulfur smells like rotten egg.

What does a gas leak smell like?

Gas is odorless but companies adds some recognizable hydrogen sulfide gaseous into it to detect leakages easily.

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