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11 Car Smell Reasons: Sniff Out Rotten Egg Smell In Car. – RottenEggSmell

11 Car Smell Reasons: Sniff Out Rotten Egg Smell In Car.

A few days back, when I entered my car, I noticed an unbearable bad smell in the car, like someone kept thousands of rotten egg smells in car.

Is this happened with you too?

Might be! That’s why you are here, it’s normal when I experienced this, I crawl 100s of web pages for how to get rid of egg smell in car? The weird smell coming from the car and all.

But none all satisfied me, and then, at last, I’m started my own research on my car. Why this sulfur-like bad odor in my car?

And after doing hustling, I finally, point out a conclusion. A few days back same rotten sulfur smell in my home too. Strange!

Yes, these are the reasons due to which my car smells like rotten eggs.

Find out from below which one is responsible for your car odor.

And I will share some proven guides that will help you to sniff out bad smells from your car.

Reasons Car Smells Like Rotten Eggs.

So after doing lots of research I triggered some points which are responsible for unbearable egg odor in van. So let’s find.

Have you notice same problem with your drinking water, rotten egg smell in water.

Rotten egg smell: Did you bought eggs the previous week? And carried it via car. Remember! If yes then might be one or more eggs broke down and you are not aware of it.

And after couple of days, eggs starts decomposing and hence it starts smelling bad.

Air freshener smell: Many car owners decorate their cars with different types of fragrances, did you too?

Some smells are very good and it really wins our heart but, some’s smells are very bad.

Initially, when you install it the first time. It fragrance well but as time spend, its fragrances change to unbearable. So check, is a smell coming from car fragrance?

Hot air in the close car: During summer, hot day. When you closed all windows of the car for some time. We start feeling suffocating due to the hot air present in the car.  

Fuel gas smell: When you entered your car notice, a rotten egg smell in your car.

This might have happened, when you parked a car at gas station, by mistaken some small amount of fuel touched your outfit and this is smelling like a rotten egg.

Rubber smell: If you are smelling a burning smell from car, this could be more dangerous beyond your thought.

Because combusting of rubber is a mixture of carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), and other toxic gases. Which gives a bad effect on our body.

Come to the point, maybe some rubber pipe or belt under the hood has been loosened and now it coming to the contact of the hot parts of the car.

Also, fuel leaks can also smell like this when it comes to some hot appliances or heating parts of the car.

Battery: Reasons behind bad odor is your car battery. So check it may be it get damaged or leaks.

AC moist or mold and mildew: When you turn on the car’s AC some unpleasant smell you notice, this could be mold inside the AC vent.

This is fewer possibilities but, in some cases, due to the high amount of humidity inside the AC vent, some fungus or mold has been grown.

Maybe they are smelling like rotten egg smell inside car air conditioner. So took your nose close to the AC vent to confirm the problem is there.

Mobil oil or transmission fluid: Are you using old transmission oil for a long time. Maybe your car transmission oil system is not working correctly. Transmission oil should be changed every 6 months.

This will increase the performance of your vehicle. Or inspected is not leaking and burning because this also releases the same scent of egg.

Ethylene in coolant: It is a chemical substance which is used in car for a coolant agent in winter. It prevents the car from freezing.

When you detect a sweetish smell while driving. This means there is a leak fault in the radiator or coolant pipeline.

Catalytic converter: This might be the reason behind the rotten egg smell in car when accelerating. It is a car’s component when gasoline gas enters into the catalytic converter.

It converts gasoline toxic hydrogen sulfide into odorless sulfur dioxide. If this catalytic converter gets damaged or broken then it exhaust smell in car.

Motor in tesla car: Tesla car ruling all over the world and this is the future. So if your tesla smell like rotten eggs then, probably the fault is in your car’s motor coil.

How do I get the rotten egg smell out of my car?

Credit: How To Car Guy

Rotten egg smell: When you confirm, the smell coming from your car is due to eggs that are broken into the car because rotten egg is the byproduct of hydrogen sulfide which has a very bad odor.

For sniffing it out, first of all, wash your car’s interior with disinfectant where eggs are broken and then, spray good vibes fragrance into it. This will remove all sulfur stinky eggs smell.

Air freshener smell: Car freshener loses its fragrance very quickly in couple of days.

If your car’s fragrance starts releasing bad fragrances like sulfur then replace it with a new one. This will solve your problems and your car starts releasing fragrance like good vibes flower.

Hot air in a closed car: So, when you feel suffocating in the closed vehicle, just shut down all windows for a while. This will allow fresh air to cross-ventilate and balance the vehicle temperature.

Rubber smell: So, if you notice some rubber smell in the vehicle. Take your car to the nearest auto diagnosis center where experts will check loose belts and hoses and fix them.

Battery: If you found a problem with your vehicle battery then replace it at the nearest automobile center.

AC moist or mold and mildew: Now I think you confirmed, the bad sulfur-like odor is coming from AC vent.

First of all change AC water and take your vehicle to the automobile center. They will clear moisturized moist mold.

Mobil oil or transmission fluid: If you found the fault is there or you haven’t replaced car’s transmission oil for long period then, it’s time to change the oil.

You can do it yourself or take your vehicle to the nearest garage, expert will help you to replace it. Always use good quality of transmission fuel this will increase car’s lifespan.

Ethylene in coolant: If really your ethylene is leaking from a pipeline or radiator then you must call an automobile engineer. Or if your location in the desert then call engineer immediately otherwise your vehicle engine will be siege.

Catalytic converter: If noxious rotten odor is coming from car, then, Replacement of catalytic converter is the only way. Or check it, if it can be repaired. But I recommended you replace it with a new one. This will increase the lifespan of car engine.

Motor in Tesla car: If your car smelling like something stinky unpleasant then check your car to the nearest tesla workshop otherwise tesla engine will be damage.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Why does my car smell like rotten eggs when I turn on the ac?

This is because, some mold and fungus are grown inside the AC vent due to humidity.

Why does my car smell like rotten eggs when I accelerate?

The exhaust fume you notice is a kind of gas you use in your car. If you are using regular gas then, it is a common stink-like smell. So, if you want to avoid egg-like smell, use premium gas in your vehicle and this will also increase the engine’s durability.

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