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Effective Ways to Fix Rotten Egg Smell in Bathroom (It’s Secrets) – RottenEggSmell

Effective Ways to Fix Rotten Egg Smell in Bathroom (It’s Secrets)

Toilet smells like rotten eggs, sounds bad then think what is happening with you, when you smell rotten egg smell in house comes and goes. Ewe! It’s ridiculous and such an embracing moment when some guest comes to your sweet home and smells unbearable sulfur odor.

I really got goosebumps, when I think about it. If you are thinking, why did I tell unbearable sulfur odor instead of the rotten egg smell?

Well don’t worry, I will cover all your doubts some are listed below so that you can get little bit idea about it.

  • Why does my bathroom smell like rotten eggs?
  • How do I get rid of sewer smell in my bathroom?
  • Is rotten egg smell dangerous?
  • How do you get rid of sulfur smell in drain?
  • How to get rid of egg smell in sink?
  • How to get rid of sewer smell in basement bathroom?

The shower drain, bathroom sink, shower water, and toilet smells like rotten eggs because of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and other sulfur gaseous.

So before getting to know how to sniff all these awful gaseous. First of all, you should know how are these gaseous formed because prevention is better than cure.

If you know the real cause behind it then, it is less probability that your bathroom smells like eggs.

So, without wasting your time let’s get started.

Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Your bathroom smells like a rotten egg because of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and other sulfur gaseous which resembles a rotten egg.

In bathroom now, you have to figure out from where all these horrible smells coming from.

Is this coming from water? If this bad smell is due to water, you will get a complete guide from here on how to fix rotten egg smell in water?

Or bad plumbing system or toilet. Then, you will do further procedure to fix all these?

Now see possible reasons due to which plumbing is not functioning properly.

Damage Dry Trap.

Sewage pipe design to release all waste without blocking and creating gaseous.

For this plumber install “P” or “J” shaped pipe called a dry trap. Which is installed at the entrance of the wastage or liquid.

Where water is filled into it and has a seal that keeps sewer bad odor away from homes. If the water in this area has been dried out for not using the toilet so long or maybe evaporate or dry trap, get damage

In this situation sewer gaseous find a way to release through it. And this causes bathroom smells like sewage.

Clogged Drain.

A clogged drain can be the culprit; a clogged pipe also creates a bad odor. So, make sure your bathroom’s pipeline is working fine.

Blocked Vent Gas Pipe.

Every bathroom needs a vent pipe, to release the tank’s sewer gaseous.

If somehow, the pipe has been blocked then, this may be the reason behind the rotten egg smell from your toilet.

Because sewer gaseous need to be released but their path is blocked that’s why it uses backdoor.

In fact, this is less probability but for satisfaction and surety you should check at once.

Stinks On Sink Or Toilet.

This could be the reason and many of us ignored it. Have you ever notice a urine smell in my bathroom? This is because, when you pee and don’t flush it, its molecules stick on the toilet pan, and further it gives a bad smell.

Also, if you don’t clean your sink and toilet regularly, this results in rotten egg smell in bathroom sink and toilet.

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